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Why Easybar is a step above the competition

Easybar has always offered an advantage over the competition in the following ways:

Why Easybar Longevity – many Easybar systems have been working in the field for over 20 years
Why Easybar More Brands – up to 128 – than any competitive beverage dispensing system
Why Easybar More dispensing options – Easybar can control liquor, beer, wine, soda & juice in a unified system
Why Easybar Easybar can offer a complete package of liquor, draft beer and conduit systems.

Following is an item-by-item accounting of Easybar competitive advantages:


  • Manifold system is modular and takes up half the space of competitive liquor “trees.”
  • Manifolds can be mounted in a variety of ways including in the back of the bar
  • Bottle cap assemblies prevent contact with hands as a beverage dispensing system is loaded


  • Positive displacement pumps separate propellant from product (no compressed air or CO2 touches product) as with competitive pumps
  • Capable of pumping long distances (Bellagio, 1,100 ft)
  • Small-diameter tubing allows double the brands to be delivered in the same conduit, less inventory tied up in lines


  • Switch packs & tower pads have a tactile feel – Not solid circuit board
  • Liquor guns & beer towers are labeled to customer menu
  • Cocktail capability – up to eight liquids can dispense at the touch of a button
  • Electronics can control up to 128 brands (Tavern on the Green, NYC)
  • Option of several gun and tower finishes to match bar design

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