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Glycol Chiller System

Glycol Chillers

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Easybar glycol systems ensure that all beer lines are properly chilled from the keg cooler to the tap, guaranteeing that beer is served at the perfect temperature to maintain flavor and prevent over foaming. For most types of beer, maintaining a temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the beer run ensures the beer will maintain the level of carbonation that was created during the brewing process. If beer chillers do not keep the beer cold all the way to the faucet, the quality of the beer will suffer greatly. We realize that every beer and every brewer are different and that is why we have developed an easy-to-operate glycol chiller system that can be adjusted on the fly to accommodate the various serving temperatures in the craft beer market.

  • Easybar beer chillers are available in 1⁄2 HP, 3⁄4 HP, 1 HP, and 1 1⁄2 HP
  • Our glycol cooling system units are offered in both air-cooled and water-cooled models
  • Glycol chillers can be equipped with either single or dual pumps
  • All chillers include a digital temperature gauge and digital temperature adjustment
  • Units are built to commercial standards
  • Made in the USA
Easybar Glycol Chillers
Easybar Glycol Chillers
Easybar Glycol Chillers
Easybar Glycol Chillers

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Beer Equipment Spec Sheets

Here you can find equipment spec sheets in image and downloadable .pdf formats. You may need Adobe Reader to view .pdf files. Click here to get adobe reader, free.

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Bulk liquor accountability equipment, draft beer systems, and streamlined beverage conduit systems together in a single package. With over 40 years of experience working with designers, general contractors, and corporate operators in the food and beverage industry, Easybar ensures a beverage dispensing equipment package that will be best suited to the needs of the client without any excess materials or expense.

We use our contacts and knowledge of your beverage systems to design and provide a chase system that best suits your needs, and we simplify your job with one point of contact and one contract. Because we can combine coordination efforts for all three systems, we offer discounts for contracts that include conduit systems together with our liquor and beer equipment.
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