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Liquor Bottle Control Systems

Easybar Bar Back Systems
Easybar Bar Back Systems
Easybar Easypour Touch
Easybar Bar Back Systems

Easybar Easypour Touch Request Pricing

Cocktail capability, small footprint, touch screen, multi-function liquor control.

  • Ring activator controls pour sizes for drinks dispensed directly from the bottle
  • Ring activated pour spouts completely seal the bottle they are placed on until their spring-loaded stopper is opened by the Easypour Touch unit
  • The liquor bottle dispenser unit controls how long the spout is open, ensuring portion control as well as measurement
  • All liquor bottle pour spouts are brand ID enabled

Your choice of drinks!

Select one of up to 250 cocktails from the controller screen, and then pour the listed brands into a glass (up to 5 ingredients per cocktail).  Ring pour spouts ensure a “to recipe” cocktail is poured every time as the wireless liquor control system registers the cocktail to your POS.

Your choice for savings!

You decide which liquors, cocktails, and prices will be monitored. All pours and cancellations are time stamped and saved onto the on-board memory. This memory persists even after power loss, and can be read with the Easybar Easypour Touch software suite. You can use this information for generating reports to keep track of sales, costs, and alcohol inventory usage. These liquor pour spouts are designed to work either independently or in conjunction with an Easybar liquor gun.

Easybar Casual Control
Easybar Casual Control
Easybar Casual Control
Easybar Casual Control

Casual Control Liquor Accountability Systems Request Pricing

Introducing the next revolution in property management from the leader in liquor control systems. Easybar Casual Control is the perfect wireless liquor control system solution for bar and restaurant owners who want to track usage and pour costs without the feeling of portion control.

  • RF enabled
  • Reports directly to your Windows compatible PC
  • Tracks every ounce that is poured and calculates pour sizes as well as cost
  • No interference with current work-flow and no training necessary

Control your costs and increase your revenue without the feeling of control! Casual Control by Easybar will increase revenue and streamline you operations, contact us to get started today!

Wireless control free pour spouts preserve the look and feel of traditional free pouring spouts. When the bottle is tipped, liquor or wine flows freely through the spout. When the bottle is turned back upright, the spout sends a radio signal to the Freedom unit indicating how much liquor or wine was poured. Simplistic tracking for inventory control and theft prevention, with no changes to your current workflow!

The Easybar bottle control system offers simplistic tracking for any venue that desires the look and feel of free pour with added accountability and decreased pour costs.

The Easybar Advantage Request Pricing

Bulk liquor accountability equipment, draft beer systems, and streamlined beverage conduit systems together in a single package. With over 40 years of experience working with designers, general contractors, and corporate operators in the food and beverage industry, Easybar ensures a beverage dispensing equipment package that will be best suited to the needs of the client without any excess materials or expense.

We use our contacts and knowledge of your beverage systems to design and provide a chase system that best suits your needs, and we simplify your job with one point of contact and one contract. Because we can combine coordination efforts for all three systems, we offer discounts for contracts that include conduit systems together with our liquor and beer equipment.
Contact us today and discover the Easybar advantage.

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