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Beverage Conduit Specifications

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SIZES 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”
MATERIALS Aluminum for overhead applications/PVC for buried applications. Galvanized and stainless steel available where conditions require.
CONDUIT LENGTHS 10’ to 20’ lengths
BEND RADIUS-ALUMINUM 2”- 24”,4”- 24”, 6”- 24” & 30”, 8”- 32”, 10”- 32”
BEND RADIUS PVC 4”- 24”, 6”- 30”, 8”- 48”
COUPLINGS 4 Bolt Compression.
PULL SLEEVES 4’ long aluminum or galvanized steel. Recommended every 75’ or every 3 bends, whichever occurs first. No hanger required for installation.
PULL BOXES Galvanized steel or powder coat finish – full panel access. Required For beverage line junctions and multiple changes in direction.
END FITTING Galvanized steel flared end.
HANGERS Double rod clamp assembly.
OPTIONAL FITTINGS AND EQUIPMENT Expansion joints, riser stands, nipple plates, seismic braces, firestop assemblies, multi-line hangers, end plugs, beverage trays and custom equipment & sizes.
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  • Separate chase for beer and liquor runs
  • All runs 6” conduit – material as required
  • All runs attempt best straight line possible
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